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  1. In some ways a very interesting and well done list; I find it positive that it lists Vlad Dracula as #1-a tyrant I have often attacked on YouTube videos about him; I think I would have put Mao or Stalin as #1. I always get some Romanian “patriots” furious and they rail against me attacking a national hero who saved Christendom from the Turks. I would never want to have had the Turks conquer Eastern let alone Western Europe; having said that, as a Christian I do not want to employ the Devil’s methods.

    Now that I have praised the list I must express my extreme disagreement with some of the methodology and choices. First of all, aside from putting Vlad first, the list suffers from extreme American, British, and perhaps Zionist biases. It never ceases to amaze me that no American ever makes any of these most evil lists-st does not surprise me. In the reactionary age we live in, it is tough to have the courage to say villeins like Christopher Columbus, Oliver Cromwell, General Sherman, Gen. Chaffee, General Curtis LeMay, and Richard Nixon should be candidates although IMO they must at least be “dishonorable” mentions. I mention Zionism since so many of the Nazi leadership made the list along with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, neocon pet hates. Second-if Saddam made the list then Ronald Reagan and his neocon masters should also be there since we supported him all the way through the 1980’s when he was committing these atrocities and fighting a murderous war against Iran-also with our support. Third, Osama Bin Laden does not even rate and to “hang” on him the mayhem caused by the war on terror bespeaks legal, moral, and intellectual blindness on the part of the author. Most of the killings since 2001 have been done either by, on behalf of, or because of the wars launched by the so-called Coalition of the Willing.

    • Boy are you off your rocker. Many of whom you listed, like Nixon did not openly support genocide. It was the communist who forced Nixon’s hand to war. America has never gone to war for the sake of exterminating a people. When it comes to foreign wars, the US almost always comes to the aid of the persecuted, though admittedly, only if also in national interests as well. Almost all wars are for the sake of money, land, power or to stop perceived evil. The US has never ever ordered the murder, much less torture of an entire people, though you could make a case against the leaders in charge when the American Indians were forced on the trail of tears. The Nazies and Japanese clearly asked for war and did commit emence attrocities and genocide. They had to be stopped by the allies. To even put Eisenhower’s name in the same sentence with anyone on this list… well … wow, is your sense of history warped!

      Now my opinion: ordering the mass murder of your perceived enemy isn’t quite as evil, in my opinion, as torturing them yourself, as did Elizabeth Bathory. To me, she is clearly in the top 10. Of course, the leaders who gave orders to kill whole populations are culpable for ordering extermination and all should make the list, but it’s one thing to say “go torture and kill that person vs. doing it yourself. That takes a whole higher level of depraved evil in my opinion.

      Finally, if you are going to vote based on number killed, Vlad should be no where near the top and the Pasha should be in the top 5.

        • Chris
        • Posted September 27, 2016 at 5:07 pm
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        Robert was not far off his rocker in citing Nixon as a candidate for this list, though deeper investigation shows Nixon to be almost entirely focused on his own personal domestic policy concerns. He ignored and cared little about the disastrous effects SE Asian policies had on the international front. His culpability here was to defer to Henry Kissinger’s amoral, illegal and covert statecraft which began even before Nixon took office and continued throughout his presidency. Kissinger was given free reign to concoct and orchestrate the policies which sadly defined the last 7 years of the Vietnam War.

        Before the 1968 election, the Nixon campaign feared a peace accord was in the offing (it really was!) and following Kissinger’s advice, the campaign contacted Nguyen Van Thieu and suggested he would get a better deal by rejecting the peace accord until such time as the Republicans were in power. This he did and the treasonable covert meddling by these (at that time) private US citizens went unpunished. Nixon hired and was guided by Kissinger for the next four years. Kissinger felt that a “just” peace was necessary to save face for the US and hence pursuaded Nixon to pursue a policy of Vietnamization rather than seeking a more expeditious end. For negotiation leverage and to crush the enemy, the administration embarked upon an illegal covert campaign of bombing across the borders of Cambodia and Laos, both neutral sovereign countries.

        The initial objective was supposedly confined to the Ho Chi Min trail, but soon expanded to include indiscriminate bombing of the entire region. The intense bombing was kept secret from the congress and the US people until 1970 when ground troops were sent across the border. When revealed, this sparked a huge backlash on the domestic front culminating in the Kent State massacre. Now Nixon had a problem with his 1972 election bid endeavoring to convince his “silent majority” that the communists had forced the US hand in all the preceding events. This was a bald faced lie, and given the full impact of the Pentagon papers had not yet come into play, Nixon got his re-election in a landslide. Kissinger advised it was time to settle with North, calculating by time the North buried the South, US troops could be gone and it would be a non-issue domestically. Hence in January, the Paris Accords were signed and the administration announced it had achieved favorable terms. The North had actually conceded nothing much at all and with no troop pull backs. The administration wanted to leave with a show of strength, given the reality of the settlement. So it actually intensified its Cambodian bombing campaign to supposedly prevent an additional communist take over of Cambodia. More bombs were dropped in the final 6 months than all the prior 4 years.(270 thousand tons including dart and ball bearing cluster bombs 1/3 of which failed to detonate and which continue to kill and maim to this day.) In reality, the campaign had the exact reverse effect and facilitated rise of the most extreme faction, the Khmer Rouge. Pol Pot’s regime followed with the genocide of nearly 2 million people (non communists, moderates,royalists, educated professionals etc).

        So let’s review the Nixon/Kissinger evil doing scorecard: (1) Prolonging the Viet Nam war by 7 years with 20,000 additional US casualties, 40-150K Cambodians and Laotian civilians, 2 million left homeless by the bombing, and a significant fraction of the total 3.6 million Vietnamese peoples killed on both sides post 1968. (2) Following the Paris Peace accord of 1973, 2 million additional dead are attributable to the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot genocide, which would never have occurred without the first secret and later overt bombing policies of the Nixon regime which destabilized the entire region. (3) In the last 40 years more than 20,000 Laotians and Cambodians have been killed or maimed by the bombs left in the soils of this devastated region. I believe both these gentlemen, Nixon (for negligent homicide) and Kissinger (for per-meditated murder) deserve a place among the world’s most evil elite!

      • Some native americans might not agree.

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  2. I’ll agree that Hitler and Stalin should be high up, but Vlad the Impaler? If you can ignore the fact that I am a direct descendant of his and will be understandably biased, most of what we know about Vlad the Implaler was written by his enemies, the Orthodox Church, so how reliable is that? I won’t deny he probably did some of those things, but he’s not history’s most evil man, not even close.

    • If you think of his haneous invention ie; spearing people slowly though their bodies, make no mistake the man was calculated toward every individual experiencing extreme pain before their end. Pure evil!! If there is a hell each one of those on the list and countless others deserve a place right beside each other doing hard labour. RATINGS DO NOT HAVE PLACE WITH SUCH SEOULS…

  3. Actually, I would have to say Hitler is the most evil person think about it Stalin killed lots BUT thin about it Hitler only killed 6,000,000 on HIS LAND. Think about the war, every death in battles Hitler was responsible for. Over history I would suggest changing this list…

  4. Vlad the Impaler sounds like some kind of incarnated Lucifer – vile creature

  5. Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam should be on this list. He directly and indirectly killed 4 millions Vietnameses and cleverly coverd his trace. Ho Chi Minh: The Man Who Deceived the World . More info:

    • Just no. Ho Chi Minh was not an evil man. He was forced to fight for a cause he believed in. Plus, all the rulers in South Vietnam were horrible. Diem treated his people like garbage (which led to his doom). Just because someone in history is not on the “good side” doesn’t make them evil. The US had no business in Vietnam; they only fu**ed up the land and people’s genes.

  6. Very interesting. I learned alot. Is there no justice in the world to bring down tyrants except war?

  7. These humans, no, Things, are so fucking sick.

  8. All these scumbags had relatively painless deaths. The deserved to be brought back to life and be tortured to death, no exceptions

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  9. what about british/europeans ? Millions died , directly or indirectly , to european colonialism. They belong in the same category as atilla/chengis khan.

    • British and Europeans would be in the same category.

  10. robert how is ronald reagan evil u idiot. I do agree with you though christopher columbus was terrible

  11. Hirohito was actually not responsible for the atrocities that occurred in China. Those were war crimes committed by his troops and his military leaders. He himself had no control over what they did overseas. However, he did see that their crimes didn’t go unpunished.

    • Yes, that was Hideki Tojo, not Hirohito. Tojo was a sick, sick man. And Robert, why on earth is Richard Nixon on your list? All he did wrong was bug two buildings and use questionable election posters.

        • Artie
        • Posted April 7, 2015 at 10:21 pm
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        Nixon did more than just what you cite. There is a significant record of abuse of power, with both illegal and unethical conduct on his and his administration’s behalf. However, nothing he did domestically would merit his inclusion on this list. I have always felt Nixon’s worse sin was the barbaric bombing of North Vietnam and Cambodia (Laos also?). The death and destruction that policy wrought for a war Nixon knew was unwinnable from the day he took office was the real evil and just because he did not want to be the first US President not to lose a war. The political and domestic abuses and crimes were nothing in comparison.

        Still, not sure if that even gets Nixon on this list. As terrible as it was.

    • I’m glad that you brought that up, because I was also going to say that Emperor Hirohito does not belong on this list. His influence was limited and I doubt he was even aware of most of the terrible atrocities that were being done by his country’s military leaders. Hideki Tojo was the one who was found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to death by hanging, along with some others. Hirohito had broken with tradition, ignored his military advisers, and chosen to surrender, before the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland took place. He tape recorded his first ever address, in his own voice, to his people, to inform them of that decision. Had that invasion happened, losses were predicted to be about half a million American lives and several million Japanese. It’s an extremely interesting story and I would invite anyone who thinks Hirohito was actually responsible for war crimes to seek it out.

  12. Very well put together list. It was a good read and I found it very interesting. I forgot about Pol Pot and his atrocities. I agree with the entire list. Very well done.

  13. Hitler is the most notorious person ever

  14. When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increases;
    But the righteous will see their fall.

      • Danielle Combee
      • Posted September 16, 2015 at 5:26 pm
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  15. I can see that a lot of work has been put into this list, but with all due respect for that, I’m pleased to report a few (possible) mistakes regarding some of these men.

    Nero and Caligula, according to the suspicions of some historians, may have been the victims of fabrications from thier enemies, who may have wanted to make them seem like complete and utter monsters in order to justify killing them. I read somewhere that there’s a good chance it actually WAS the Christians Nero blamed for the burning of Rome who were responsible-and the fiddle may not have even been invented back then, in which case he certainly didn’t use it while Rome was burning. In other words, he-and Caligula, too-may not have done these terrible things after all in reality.

    While Vlad the Impaler was unquestionably a sadistic bastard, I read somewhere that he may not have in reality killed “innocent” people after all-it’s possible that any stories about him killing children and the poor are lies courtesy of his enemies, and the same goes for Ivan the Terrible and Attila the Hun. Also, I read somewhere that Maximilian Robespierre may have “taken the rap” for all of the mass executions when in reality, a lot of them may have been sanctioned by other members of the Commitee of Public Safety as well. Hope that helps.

  16. Also, with all due respect to the victims of the Cambodia Killing Fields, it’s been said that most of the atrocities were the work of Vietnamese soldiers disguised as the Khmer Rouge, and also that the Khmer Rouge may have done things nobody ordered them to do. While Pol Pot unquestionably wasn’t a good man who more or less admitted to feeling no remorse for one way or another causing the deaths of all those people in an interview before his death, and his ideas of an “agraian” society didn’t exactly do his country any favours, he may not have been the monster delibrately responsible for such a high degree of suffering he is often depicted as.

    Likewise in the cases of Genghis Khan and Tomas de Torquemada, I’ve read there’s a chance that most of the sadistic tortures committed under thier reign may have been a case of thier boys getting “creative” without them really being able to do anything about that.

    I don’t KNOW any of these things for sure, of course-maybe I’m wrong and all of these men really were the monsters they’re depicted as, here. But if there’s a chance they were not, it seems wrong not to say so.

  17. Most of the list makes sense, though it is hard to distinguish between the level of evil displayed by many of them. Anyone in the top 20 could easily enough be argued into first place. However, Osama bin Laden is totally out of place on this list. The majority of the 25 are classic psychopaths who killed for the sheer enjoyment of seeing others suffering or to ruthlessly maintain control over their power, or both. Bin Laden fits neither category. There is no evidence he killed people for the enjoyment of it, and there is no evidence he was attempting to attain or retain power. His reasons for killing are identical to many contemporary political leaders, including many American presidents in that death happened as a result of a war he was waging based on philosophical reasons or as part of a battle of cultures.

    If this list were written by Iraqis, for example, I’m convinced they would agree with most of the list but would gladly add George Bush, Dick Cheney, and co. to the list for the hundreds of thousands of deaths resulting from an illegal invasion based on a false and created premise.

    • Yeah, that must be it. Or maybe that’s what YOU believe, and you simply do not have the balls to actually put your pethetic beliefs out there for everyone to read. You sound like every ignorant, weak brained idiot that graduates from some BS liberal college here in California. “Bin laden isn’t actually evil, just a person who believes in his cause, just like bush and Cheney”
      Do us all a favor and overdose on whatever you are injecting, you waste of breath

        • TsarNickII
        • Posted December 6, 2015 at 10:32 pm
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        You could have been LOT kinder with that reply, you waste of breath. Go die from overdosing your cocaine stockpile you fuck.

  18. What’s more frightening and evil than these wicked individuals is that they didn’t commit all these atrocities by themselves. Perhaps more terrible still, is that these and their followers were not stopped, or unable to be stopped, by ‘good’ people.

  19. Wow, I am shocked at this list! Vlad the Impaler sounds like something worse than a demon. None of these people are human, they’re so cruel.

  20. You forgot gilles de rais he is at least 4th.

  21. these people aren’t humans hey are just sadistic humans who enjoyed the fact that people’s lives were destroyed in their names Osama should even have been ashamed of calling himself a muslim extremist idiotic bastard

  22. bastard is not a proper word he was just the little demon on earth

    • Danielle Combee
    • Posted September 16, 2015 at 5:25 pm
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    I think this list is pretty good. I have a project and this helped me really well

    • Posted December 14, 2015 at 11:12 am
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    they may not be more evil than some present living personalities today,including some current heads of states! they kill silently yet painfully! is it because their evils are never exposed and so makes them not evil enough to ce published? afterall,nobody is innocent enough to publish someone evil! only GOD can!

    • Joachim Macdonald
    • Posted January 10, 2016 at 11:17 am
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    honestly, kim il sung, (along with all the later north korian leaders), hitler, starlin, mao, pol pot and amin are all as brutally evil and deranged as each other. seeing as there is no real proof of many of the things that vlad dracula did, i wouldnt have ranked him as no one. however, i dont think it is worth trying to rate these sorts of people. they all had simular ideas, and the only reson some were able to kill more than others, or even get into a position were they are able to order people to be killed is because of there manipulative skils, inteligence, cunning and the political situation of the country and indeed the world at that time.
    there are many people with the same ideals as hitler or starlin but are unable to act apon those belefs because of those factors.

  23. wow just wow…..

  24. Of all the, evils hitler muts be the one to be hammered on the cross.He killed people people for no reasonable facts but only to setsfy his own ambitions.those athers seemed to have commited such evil things deu to prevailing stuations eg stalin.he odered prisoners to go to war bacause germaney had prooved heavy to be wthold by his army.

  25. Of all the, evils hitler must be the one to be hammered on the cross.He killed people people for no reasonable facts but only to setsfy his own ambitions.those athers seemed to have commited such evil things deu to prevailing stuations eg stalin.he odered prisoners to go to war bacause germaney had prooved heavy to be wthold by his army.

    • My hat is off to your astute command over this toopi-bravc!

  26. what dısturbs me most ıs how human beings never use their brains how can one single human being inflict this kind of pains to others those loyal 2 this devils are the most desturbing creatures can someone help me here this is the reason why we have pass to the next world i wonder what kind of punish God is gonna punish this i belive is something more than a human can reason

  27. I personally believe hitter was not evil. Hitler did some horrible, terrible things you cant doubt that but he honestly did it for the good of Germany and his people not for his benefit.

    • Are you serious? “Not for his benefit”? You should do some more in-depth reading on the man’s personality.

    • Totally agree

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